About Us

Arbor Technology Solutions is an experienced professional service organization that understands the needs and challenges of running a small business or non­profit organization. Our mission is to provide small businesses and non-profit clients with quality technical advice and services. Arbor offers a variety of services to help small businesses and non-profit organizations maximize the benefit from their technology investment.

Arbor emphasizes professionalism, communication and listening skills as much as technical and problem-solving skills, and all consultants carry industry-specific professional certifications from Microsoft.

Our customer-oriented approach to problem solving yields cost-efficient, performance-oriented solutions. Arbor Technology Solutions understands that what may be the "best" technical solution is not always the most appropriate solution for a given client. We listen to customers, help them define their goals and requirements, and then recommend solutions that are approporiate to their goals and budget.

Arbor Technology Solutions delivers quality service at a fair price in the belief that long-term business relationships are built on mutual trust and good will.

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