Service Plans: Silver Package

Our Silver Service Plan features a modest monthly fee and includes eight (8) hours of on-site basic service per month.  This plan is best suited to the organization that has a small number of end users (10 to 15), a simple network configuration, and regular, moderate-level support needs.

In addition to the basic services, the Silver Service Plan includes monthly on-site support, remote support, preventive maintenance, service packs and software patches, AntiVirus updates, and weekly technical bulletins.  Remote network monitoring and management services are available to Silver subscribers for an addtional fee.

The Silver Service Plan is ideal for the following:

  • Regularly Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
    • AntiVirus Updates
    • Microsoft Security Updates
  • On-Demand Crisis Response
    • "I think we have a virus...."
    • "I can't get to the network files..."
    • Workstation doesn't boot ("What's this blue screen ...?")
    • "Something's wrong with the server ..."
    • Printer problems
  • Staff Support/Help Desk Needs
    • General Software Support
    • Mobile Users/Laptops
  • Short Term Projects
    • Staff changes
    • New computer/laptop deployment
    • Software installation
  • Infrastructure Improvement
    • Workstation upgrades
    • Server Installation/Upgrade/Replacement
    • Major software upgrade
    • Internet service upgrades

The Silver Service Plan includes eight (8) hours of the following services at a fixed monthly rate:

If you have ten to fifteen users, occasional projects, and a simple network configuration, then the Silver Service Plan may be the choice for you.

For rates and a comparison to our other service offerings, please see our service comparison table.

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